Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to contact Beyond Vegan-ish®?

Email to  Please put "online inquiry" in the subject line.  Email all inquiries and comments. 

Beyond Vegan-ish® is a brand new company, launching in September 2021, We are an extremely small venture and customer satisfaction is our primary concern.  Please be patient and helpful when possible.

Our hope is to build a community of people who believe that the relationship between food and health is significant and encourage people to consciously plan, select and prepare food and meals.  The ultimate goal is to improve health, reduce diseases and illnesses and result in individuals living happier, healthier and longer lives, while advocating for the improved and kinder treatment of animals and all living things, 

Is Vegan-ish® a registered trademark?

Yes, it is a registered trademark..

Do you have a warehouse and where is it located?

We don’t have a warehouse at this time but as business grows it will be considered.

How long does it take to ship products?

Most products ship in 2-7 business days and usually arrive, depending on shipping service and distance, orders usually arrive in 10-14 days or less.

Am I notified when an order ships?

Yes, by email or text and tracking is provided.

Can items be returned?

Please see Return Policy in this section.

 How are refunds issued?

Please see Refund Policy in this section.

Can discounted items be returned?

Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged