When Were Oven Mitts Invented?

When Were Oven Mitts Invented?

In the man's history, pans and hot pots were handled by different clothes.Some times hand even burn with thin clothes unintentionally. Mittens were invented 1000 years ago, but fewer people use mittens due to unawareness of using mittens. But it is widely used by those people who use ovens for protective purposes. They are more effective potholders.


Oven Mitts Glove

History of Oven Mitts

A Texan man name Earl Mitt came up with the idea of making mittens in the early 1870s after the swear hand burned while baking. To prevent it from burning again, he invented the first mitten made from wool and leather.

Typical household mittens usually do not work efficiently. They can pass the heat towards the hand while holding hotpots.

After doing many experiments for making mittens, he finally made an oven mitt that can use as a cooking glove. The outer material is usually made up of polyester or cotton. The inner layer consists of insulator fabric which is heat resistant.

Thank Earl that he invented such an excellent product for hands protection. But that technology was old, and a user can still have a chance to burn hands with boiling water and steams. But today, these mittens are treated with Silnylon, which is water-resistant.

Sometimes oven mitts are also treated with more robust synthetic material like Kevlar. It helps to protect from boiling water and steam burn. In the past, oven mittens or gloves used paper as an insulating material in the 1890s. But now, the paper has been replaced with other insulating materials for making oven mittens.

Heat protection is dependent upon the material of the oven mittens. Generally, fabric oven mittens can protect hands from heat up to 93 degrees centigrade or 200 F. In comparison, silicone or neoprene oven mittens protect hands from heat up to 260 degrees Celsius or 500 F.

Some oven mittens are designed with finger portions for better grip and control hand. One can easily hole heavy hot objects with it. Heavy-duty mitts, also known as furnace gloves, can resist higher temperatures than the standard oven mittens.

Design of the First Oven Mitt

Oven mitts are a necessary part of the kitchen; nobody realizes. They can help us in many ways. They protect our hands from removing hot pots from the cooking range or oven and the pots from the stoves. So, due to this sensitive work, ones need the best oven mitten to complete cooking chores.

It should be made up of cast iron to have excellent protection. Earl Mitt first did the product invention in the late 1800s. An accident caused him to invent this product. He got a nasty burn while cooking, and he realized there should be some tool which could protect hands from swear burns. So, he created the first oven mitt design.

The first oven mitt design consisted of one thumb socket, and the rest of the shape was precisely like mittens. Various makeovers later changed the material of the mittens. Methods and conditions, and materials gradually varied according to users' requirements.

Nature of Oven Mitts

While working with hot pots like pans, dishes, steamers, and stove handles, you need more protection than an ordinary cloth and oven mitts help you. Otherwise, you can feel a burn. Almost 15th years ago, Okra silicone oven mitts were invented. Cloth oven mitts had more elegant designs and matching with aprons, but they were not providing enough protection from burns.

Apart from protection from burns, cloth oven mitts were neither oil prof nor waterproof and can get stains. A user can feel the difference between silicon oven mitts and cloth oven mitts.

There are many oven mitts on the market, but a silicon flex mitt is best for baking purposes according to general public preferences. Its material is of the latest generation of silicon that has super flexibility. It is heat resistant up to 450-degree F. It is anti-slip to get a better grip while holding hot pots. Forming circular and spoke pattern resistance and grip is better than in other areas.

A cook can hold steaks, hot dogs, and chops from the grill with oven mitts without another tool. Ones can hold down the chicken or lamb roast while you feel the craving. You can clean them separately in the dishwasher or with soap and hot water.

In the last few years, reusable rubber cleaning gloves promoted themselves as the most flexible gloves. It has a soft clothed liner and is quilted, and oven mitts may be available in many colors like black, canary yellow, red, lime, green, and royal blue.

How Do Silicone Oven Mittens Work?

Silicone is one of the most valuable elements for humankind. It is used to make many product items. Oven mitts are one of them. Silicon is an excellent insulator. Its chemical nature allows manufacturers to use it in making oven mitts. The modern design of silicon mitts attracts people to use them while baking or cooking. But the question that arises here is how they work?

Oven mitts or gloves need insulators for protection because insulators do not allow heat to pass on. Heat resistant phenomenon is the most important factor while making an oven mitt. So, due to the insulating property of silicon, manufacturers made oven mitts from a silicon material.

Silicon oven mitts can resist up to 450-degree Fahrenheit temperature. Some companies claim that their silicon oven mitts can resist 650 degrees Fahrenheit, which is remarkable.

The scientific aspect of oven mitts working is the silicone chemical property to resist heat. Silicone is also known as a low heat conductor, which means the heat can be passed very low or remain on the surface when applied.

Because of these essential properties of silicon, oven mitts allow take out hot dishes from the oven. Cast iron pans, cooking sheets, and other pans have no boundaries to absorb heat. Yet, oven mitts do not pass even minimal heat quickly, which is perfect for baking.

Vegan Oven Mitts

Vegan oven mitts are made up of heat insulation material and polyester fabric. These insulating oven mitts are made up of high-quality fabric that is thick and, durable, heat resistant. You can see fine artistry on them, and their inner and outer layer is made up of waterproof material that is easy to clean anytime.

Vegan oven mitts are suitable for holding hot lids in the kitchen, microwave oven dishes and outdoor grilling. Its unique side design is ideal for storing and hanging. A set of vegan oven mitts contains two gloves. For cleaning purposes, hand wash is recommended. Please do not use bleach and machine wash method for them.

Design of Vegan Oven Mitts

Another name for oven gloves is oven mittens. They are widely used for hand protection during handling kitchen chores. They are specially used in the baking process because baking pots are too hot, and they can cause serious burn injuries.

Vegan oven mitts are available in different varieties of style, for example, a square style which can be placed in the palm of one's hand and used as a potholder. Vegan oven gloves or mitts material is usually made up of textiles like polyester or cotton, silicon and other fabrics that are good heat insulators. Oven mitts are sold individually, but sometimes they can be sold as a pair.

Different connect pairs are also available in the market where they have included a long section of the fabric where a hand can fit into it. Fabric gloves are decorated with different colors and patterns and are washable in machines to remove any stains.

Care of Vegan Oven Mitts

Maintaining vegan mitts is very easy and necessary to keep them safe and clean. Oven mitts can be cleaned with a straightforward method. It only needs hot water and soap. Hot water is essential because it helps to remove severe strains.

One should choose the washing method according to the design and material of the mitts or oven. For example, if you have cloth mittens, they can be clean through a machine wash. If your mitten is made up of silicone or other material, then hand wash is recommended.

If the mitten design has finger grips, you may need a narrow brush to clean the finger groves. Make sure you wash gently because, after too many washings, they can give a rough look. If you feel handwashing is complex, the dishwasher can be used as a second option. It must be out at the top rack of the dishwasher, then air-dried, or you can dry it with a paper towel.  

Vegan silicon oven mitts are attracted by the hair, especially pet hairs, so regular washing can prevent this issue.


Earl Mitt invents oven mitts in the early 1800s in Texas, US. They are perfect for hand protection during cooking and baking. However, old designs were not working efficiently. But manufacturers invented many variances in oven mitts. For those looking for an alternative to traditional oven mitts, Vegan Silicon oven mitts are the best option for them.